Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Card for my Foot Doctor

As many of you know, I had foot surgery at the end of August. Although I've developed complications and I'm still not walking fully on my own or without pain, I was very pleased with my podiatrist and the care he has provided. To thank him for all he's done I made him a card and gave him a big box of Esther Price chocolate for Christmas.
Here is the card I made...
it's a layered Christmas tree, at first glance...but if you look closely, you will see I cut various sizes of "feet" and layered them all together to make the tree shape! Added a star to the top, some Stickles on the toes on the bottom layer and scattered throughout the branches.

The doctor was pleased (amused may be a better term!) and said he was hanging it up on his office door!
Sorry for the glare...took the photo JUST minutes before heading off to the appointment with the doctor! Click on a photo for a larger image and better view!

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Gail S. said...

Cute Teresa! Your card for Pink Stamper is pretty, too. She does beautiful work and shares great ideas. Good luck on your entry.

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