Monday, May 28, 2012

Letter Of The Day is V!

Hello to my friends and fellow crafters! 
 Thank you for visiting me on this Memorial Day (or during the week of Memorial Day)!  First, I would like to give a special thank you to all those who have served in the Military , are currently serving or have family or friends serving our country.  We appreciate you and thank you so much for your service so we can have our wonderful, free country to enjoy and live as we choose!  THANK YOU!!
Now on to our project!  Today at My Cricut Craftroom
we had the option of making something using the Cricut Imagine Machine OR a project featuring the letter of the day.  Since poor little me does not own an Imagine.... I went for the Letter of the Day, which is "V"!  Let me tell you, it was a little challenging, trying to think of a cartridge that started with the letter V (I don't have the Lite Cartridge called Varsity). 
My first idea was the word "vacation".  I wasn't motivated by any recent vacation photos I had - -  (which also means I have not had a recent vacation!) so I started trying to think of all the words starting with V.  A fellow design team member cracked me up when her husband suggested the words "vittles" (as in food, think Beverly Hillbillies) or VIAGRA!  LOL!!!  Thank you Sarah for the laugh!
My final choice was to use the Vulture from the Zooballo Cartridge.  When I think of Vultures,  what comes to mind first of all is "Over the Hill" for big number birthdays with tombstones and vultures.  I decided to make a Birthday Card for someone going "Over the Hill", whether that be turning 30, 40, 50, 60....whatever YOU decide "Over The Hill" is.  
(Whatever it is....I AM CERTAIN I have not gone over yet!!)

I cut the Vulture from Zooballo at 5 inches, using all the layers including the shadow.
I think he is a very cute little guy, not scary like many "Over the Hill" creepy vultures - - 
so it is kind of a "nice" Over The Hill card!  LOL!

I inked the edges of the vulture and ran the neck feathers through the Cuttlebug using the
Swiss Dot embossing folder.  I popped him up from the shadow using foam squares.
I also ran the leaf that is attached to the branch he is sitting on through the Cuttlebug as well.

I free handed the tree, and inked the edges before embossing it as well.  Did you notice how I made the top branches in a "V" shape???  Getting that Letter of the Day in there again!  LOL!
I popped the tree up - and if you notice, I made the tree and Vulture larger so they appear to be closer to the viewer of the card, with the "hill" further in the background.  Well, at least that is my attempt and I am sure you are going to agree, with me  - - - right??? 

Using the "Wrap It Up" cricut cartridge - - I cut the Hill 
( you have to have one to go over, right??)  as well as the layer of grass across the bottom.  I inked the edges with a darker green ink and made sure to use 2 colors of green cardstock, one for the hill, another for the grass, so it would show up better!

I typed the words "OVER THE HILL???" on the computer, printed on green cardstock and just free hand cut around them in a funky shape to add some fun and interest.  Of course, inked the edges of the words in black.

That is it . . . my project for the Letter V!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Please go over to Erica's site -
My Cricut Craftroom  and check out the other fun projects my Design Team Sisters have created for you today!  
 While you are there, please send some good vibes and good health wishes for Erica. She has been going through a pretty rough time with some illnesses and plenty of medical testing. I wish her quick answers and some solutions to her medical problems!  Hugs to you, Erica

Thanks so much for stopping by- - enjoy your Memorial Day - give thanks to those who serve or have served in the past - - and have a fun and safe Holiday with those you love!
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bricki said...

om goodness teresa that is awesome .. makes being in that age bracket somewhere its not so bad lol

awesome work as always

brit mckenzie

bricki said...

that is awesome teresa , i reallllllly love it

Scrap Princess said...

Awesome card! Love the letter of the day idea! New follower! :)

Josie0602 said...

This was an awesome idea for the letter of the day! And you used Zoobaloo!! I love it!


Mary said...

Great idea Teresa. This whole post just cracked me up. Now, I am not one to enable anyone (ya right!!!) but, you could have done something with a drink like, I don't know, VODKA in a martini glass???? Anyways this was really a cute card and yes, the hill is in the background. I love your thinking!!! Hugs~Mary

Sarah said...

Another Great Card Teresa! I had to read hubby your post and he got a kick out of it.

Mary said...

Hmmm I don't know why this didn't post the first time. Anyways, this is fabulous Teresa. I was expecting a drink related post like maybe Vodka in a martini glass, lol. I really loved every bit of your post today, it had me rolling on the floor. Thanks for sharing your thought process it is brilliant!Hugs~Mary

Anonymous said...

This is doc cute! the Vulture is adorable and the tree is fabulous

Anonymous said...

Your narrative added so much fun to the whole project. Talking about Sarah's husband was a fun fact. Thank you for aknowledging our service members!
Also your clever little reference to the fact you are not over the hill was light hearted. But of course 34 is so far from being anywhere near the hill! The shadow from the "V" on the tree made me think you had cut a black layer to make the shadow but it is naturally from the lighting and the fact that you stood the tree off the base card. Very nicely done! Always enjoy your projects.

Vanessa said...

I love it Teresa, love the story behind the letter V.

Tracey Sabella said...

So much fun!! Love the embossed texture in your tree!! ~ Blessings

lisacustomscrapbooking said...

You crack me up! I love ur card very creative! Thanks for sharing.

MCCR DT sis, Lisa

HeatherLynn said...

oh, Teresa, I love your cute little card!! That vulture is adorable! That's a sentence I never thought I'd say! lol


Pink Cricut said...

Too funny! What a great card- love the v shaped branch ;) Thanks for partying with us this week!

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