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It'sTime for the July 100 Cartridge Blog Hop!

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100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop Day ONE
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Welcome to My Cricut Craft Room's one year "BLOG-iversary" of our first 100 cartridge Blog hop!
A year ago the blog was kicked off with the first design team members and daily postings. It took 2 months to get ready for this hop last year. Now we bring it to you the first full weekend of every month.
Collectively the design team uses over 100 different Cricut Cartridges in their projects during the two days of this hop. Sunday the new members of the design team will be announced and some have even made a project to share with you!! What an exciting weekend!!

As special treat enjoy 10% off of your total purchase with Erica's Craft Room Store.
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on July 7 & 8. Also on Sunday there will be an exciting announcement!!!

For today's Hop, I chose to use the following three cartridges:
Stand and Salute,
Independence Day
Spring and Summer Tablescapes

Since the 4th of July holiday just passed, I would like to show you my first project that I made using both the Stand and Salute and the Independence Day cartridges.
I have a friend who is a World War 2 Vet and LOVES everything patriotic.
He loves to decorate his home using Patriotic touches. Every year I give him a gift, usually homemade, with the patriotic colors of red, white and blue or something that symbolizes Americana. 

This year, I used the Stand and Salute and Independence Day cartridges, along with a foam wreath form and two sparkly red, silver and blue garlands (garlands purchased at Michael's Crafts)  to make a wreath for his front door.  
He lives in an apartment with an interior hallway, so thankfully I do not have to worry about this being out in 
the weather. It would not do well in rain or high winds!
To begin, I took my foam wreath form and simply wrapped the garland around the wreath, keeping it tight and pretty close together so none of the white wreath base could show through.

Should you be a household that is lucky enough to have an adorable cat in residence,
may I suggest doing this when that said cat is not awake.
My sweet boy Copper was very interested in the pretty sparkly tinsel type garland.
I moved from place to place in the house to attempt to work on this and "loose" him.
He found me every time!

Look at this face!  "Did I do something to bother you, Mom?"
Using the Independence Day cartridge, I cut I <Heart>
the USA at three inches.
Knowing I wanted a base for it to rest on, I selected one of my favorite
cartridges, Art Philosophy, and cut two scalloped bases for it to
rest on, one a bit larger than the other. 
I then used the Cuttlebug to emboss the base layer and used foam dots to 
give some lift and dimension to the words. 

With the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, I cut an extra heart and embossed it as well to 
just add some more color and emphasis to the heart.
With the Stand and Salute Cartridge, I cut the words
God Bless America. In similar fashion to the method I used for the "I love the USA" word art,
I layed two scalloped bases from Art Philosophy.
Again, I added dimension with foam dots and embossing the base for that little something exrtra.

Copper again assists me as I attach the Word Art to the wreath!
Most importantly, here is the recipient of the gift and a proud 
 Chuck with Teresa

Finally, for my 2nd project - I am featuring 
Spring and Summer Tablescapes.

I must admit, I was excited to get this cartridge - but very frustrated with the booklet that
came with it.  It is little more than a pamphlet, in my opinion.  Yes, there are some instructions (all in photos, no words) that show you how to assemble a few of the cuts.  But I felt it left a lot to be desired and I am HOPING that Provo Craft will not start replacing regular cartridge booklets with something similar to these
just to save a bit of money! whining and complaining is finished!  On with the projects!
In August, I am very much looking forward to the visit of a friend that I have not seen
for a number of years.  We were very good friends in high school, but as life goes on, we lost touch. Facebook helped us find each other once again!
I am planning a party to celebrate her visit and got the idea of having a "Pink Flamingo" party.  Pink flamingos do not have any correlation to our friendship or to my friend ..I just like Pink Flamingos and the color PINK  so I thought it would make a festive atmosphere for welcoming her!
I am  just starting to make the decorations and the party supplies for this party, and used Spring and Summer Tablescapes to create napkin rings!
I started by cutting the napkin ring shape on page 14 of that "booklet".  I cut it at 3 1/2 inches. 
Silly me -  I forgot to take a photo of how the napkin ring looked just cut out without my embellishing.
It has been a very busy, hectic week for me!  
Here are the napkin rings, laying out flat, with my cute pink flamingos already added.

 Here is one of my flamingos, attached with pop dots. I used Life Is A Beach to cut my flamingos. The cute flamingo can be found on page 14 of the booklet. I cut them at 3 inches.  I used a Glaze pen to make the eye and decorate the feet and added Stickles (Pink) to the backs/wing area of each Flamingo. I used the Gypsy to Flip half of my flamingos so they would face each other when the napkin ring was closed around a napkin.

Here they are. laid out and ready to roll around the napkins!
The base image of the napkin ring will cut out a with a slit to make closing the napkin ring a snap!
Now, see how my cute little pink flamingos face each other!!
 This is how it looks from the can see how it will easily wrap around the napkin and close to hold.
Once the napkin is rolled and inserted, it will look like this!
TA - DA!!

How cute is that?  Now, I only have maybe 25 more to do!!???
I think I will also insert silverware and then place these all in a basket 
(lined with a pink napkin, of course!) and decorated with a flamingo when it's time for the party!
I will be sure to post some party photos when this will not be until mid August!
Please take a minute to leave a comment letting me know what you think about my Patriotic project as well as my Pink Flamingo Napkin ring!!

If you are in need of any crafting supplies or are looking for great pricing on Cricut Cartridges...please stop in at Erica's Store and enjoy an additonal 10% off this weekend!

You will now head on to my friend and fellow design team member, 
to see what wonderful creations she has made!

If you get lost along the way here is the entire line up for today, Saturday July 7!

Please leave your comments!


Norma G. said...

Hi Teresa, these are both awesome projects!

Bunnyfreak said...

Love how Cooper was getting in on the action.

Jenny R said...

Fantastic projects!!! I love everything about that beautiful wreath you made with Copper's help of course. :) The napkin rings are too cute!

Janet's Planet said...

love the wreath! and the napkin rings. so cute!!
MCCR-DT Janet Royer

Nadja said...

Those are fun projects. I love the napkin rings! What a great way to spruce up the table!

Lisa said...

Cute Ideas! Love the wreath!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful projects thanks for inspiring me I'm ready to use my Table Escapes CC!!

L.B. said...

wow...those are cute napkin holders and the wreath so much fun.

Cathy said...

Teresa, both the projects are fabulous!! thanks for sharing!

Creative M said...

OMG!!What a Fabulous Wreath!!!And the Napkin holders are so adorable!!!Love it!!!


angie ashuk said...

I so agree with the Spring and Summer Cart!!! It drives me nuts!! Takes me a lot of staring at the pic to get some sort of idea what to do!!! I'm in the process of using the same cut to make ladybug napkin holders for my daughters birthday next week:)

lisacustomscrapbooking said...

Super Cute projects. What a nice thing to do for your friends.

MCCR DT, Lisa Ch

Cuttin' and Stampin' Cards said...

What a great way to honor your friend. I love te napkin holder.

Kim said...

Love the pink flamingos

ClaireR said...

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful projects Teresa. I agree with the previous post, what a wonderful way to honor a friend. Also, its nice to finally see a project from Tablescapes.
My Cricut Craft Room DTM

Kathy Salido said...

Great project Teresa!!! Really love the wreath and I am sure your friend loved it too. Great job with the napkin rings too. Cannot wait to see the rest of the party decorations.
My Cricut Craft Room Design Team

SusieScrapper said...

Love the wreath and who doesn't love flamingos!! Awesome projects, great job!

Miranda said...

Great projects Teresa! Love the wreath and I am sure Chuck did as well! The napkin rings are adorable!
Miranda :)
MCCR DT Sister

HeatherLynn said...

Hi Teresa! I love your patriotic wreath! Love the die cuts you made to add to it! Your friend looks so happy with it! :) What an adorable napkin ring! My daughter LOVES pink flamingos..I need to make some! Thanks for the inspiration!

Heather Lynn

scrapbookingforfun said...

Awesome job Teresa!!! Love that wreath!!!
MCCR DT Shelley

Anonymous said...

It s so very thoughtful of you to honor your friend Chuck's service with a special Independence Day item every year. He must be very proud to hav that beautiful wreath on his door. I did not quite understand your explanation of how the napkin ring goes together - almost like you missed a word. However, the result is very nice and will be a special treat for your friend. You have great energy to make so many special napkin rings.
Fantastic projects and ones that will bring much joy to your friends!

Marji said...

These are awesome projects!! I'd never guess those were napkin rings, too cute!

silvia said...

Fabulos wreath!!! Cute napkin holders!

Marianne said...

What an awesome wreath, and i love your napkin holders. So cool! Thanks for sharing

Jodie R said...

Oh my gosh! The smile on your neighbors face says it all!! That was such a sweet thing to do and it is beautiful! Copper is such a big helper!!! Your napkin rings are so cute too! Let's get that party started!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift you made for Chuck.
TFS it and the napkin rings. Love them!
dmcardmaker at aol dot com

KathyJo said...

I love the wreath! The napkins rings are cute, but the wreath has my brain buzzing. I am going to Michaels today to see if they have any of that garland left. I love the nice plump wreath when that garland is wrapped around that foam base. I want to make a couple of these to take to the Veteran's Home for Veteran's day. There are some people who don't get any visitors, so we always make sure to take something for their rooms when we are there volunteering. A couple of these in the Alzheimer's wing will bring smiles too. I am also thing about Christmas wreaths, halloween wreaths, and if I can find the right color garland welcome baby wreaths. Okay, gotta go shop....
My Cricut Craft Room Design Team Member

Ava Fernandez said...

Teresa, what amazing projects, love the wreath.
Ava DT Sister

cema1cema said...

Fantastic projects Teresa! Christina

Creative M said...

Saw it on Link up Tuesday with Sarah and its Fabulous!!!


Mary said...

Teresa how thoughtful you are to make this patriotic wreath! I have the tablescape cart but haven't used it yet. I love your flamingo's. TFS, Mary M

rlovew said...

Such creative projects- what a fun and easy wreath. Also the napkin rings are so cute.

Pattie Mcginnis said...

Absolutely love the wreath... I too have my whole livingroom area in red, white and blue..
I may have to steal this idea...

Can you email me how you added them to the wreath, I might have missed it...

and can you tell me where you found your blog design? I would love to redo mine...

Thanks.. Pattie

Sarah said...

OMIGOSH Teresa! You have out done yourself again. I am in love with the wreath that you made for your friend. I am sure that it brightened his day. That is so funny that your kitty wanted to help you. I am glad that you were able to reconnect with your friend and I love the napkin rings. I am sure that she will be surprised when she arrives and finds such beautiful decorations.

Gail S. said...

Teresa~~Your USA wreath is gorgeous! I only hope I remember it next July 4th so I can make one just like it. And the flamingo napkin rings are so cute. You always do such a great job.

Jessica S said...

Gorgeous wreath and the look on Chuck's face is the sole reason I love to really made him smile!! Love those flamingo napkin rings!
Jessica S
MCCR DT Sister

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