Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Cute Critters!

Happy Friday to my fellow crafty friends!
The My Cricut Craftroom Team has turned "Pink" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is every October.
YES- we know we are early - but we try to stay ahead of events so if you see something that inspires you, you have time to make it yourself.   Every post for about the next month will have PINK on the project somewhere. It may be small but it is our small way of showing awareness to this important cause.

Today is Scrapbook Friday over at My Cricut Craftroom.  As our assignment, we are to make a scrapbook layout about Cute Critters.  So many possibilities, but I knew that I did not have too look far for my inspiration.  I am "blessed" to have three cute kitties in my home - Copper, a big, loving older cat (I think he is now almost 12 years old but acts like a young cat!), Oliver, the most expensive "Free" cat who was very ill when a friend rescued him when he was only about 6 weeks old and Lily - the kitty we got to keep Oliver company, who is very shy and scared of any strangers. 
Let's start with a quick look at the two page spread.
Please click on any photo to get a larger image.
I apologize that the photos are rather dark. I took photos on two separate occasions but it was either at night or on a gloomy afternoon.  

The hardest part of the assignment was getting really good pictures of the cute critters.  Copper is quite
photogenic..he seems to know he looks good and likes his photo taken.  Ollie and Lily are a different story. Ollie always seems to move just when I think I can get a good photo...and Lily - forget it!  She seems to know that I have a camera in hand and will constantly move and not look at the camera for anything!
She really is a very pretty cat and has the softest velvety fur - - but with her shyness, no one ever knows!
Please meet Copper.

 This is Oliver (Ollie)

 and here is Lily, avoiding eye contact with the camera!

After getting the photos that I felt I could use, it was time to get to work on the details of the layout.  I saw the image on page 38 of the Create A Critter cartridge and just knew that I had to use that cute cat to "represent" Lily on my layout.

I cut both the main image as well as the layer and I used a shiny silver paper.  I cut the adorable little nose out of pink glitter paper and added a pink bow tie.   This little kitty is cut at 4 inches.
For my next cat I found this cute and kind of scraggly cat from the Four Legged Friends Cricut Lite Cartridge.  In some ways he reminds me of Oliver, although other than colors - it doesn't really look like him.   This image and all the layers were cut at 3 inches.

Here is my left hand side of the layout:

For my next cat I found this cute and kind of scraggly cat from the Four Legged Friends Cricut Lite Cartridge.  In some ways he reminds me of Oliver, although other than colors - it doesn't really look like him.   This image and all the layers were cut at 3 inches. 

Blogger is not playing nice today. No matter what I do, and although my photos we in the correct position before I add them in my post, it is turning some of them sideways. Sorry about that! 
The third cat was also cut from Four Legged Friends.  I used the flip feature so he was looking in the direction that I wanted.  I chose various "gold" colored papers to sort of represent Copper!  I thought adding the gem eyes I added on most of the cats really give them the "glow" that cats really do have!  

The right hand side of the layout: 
I LOVE this photo of Copper!  He is such a lover boy!

For my last cat in the layout, I used the cartridge called Zooballo on page 84.  This cat was just added because I thought it was cute and to balance out the page - it doesn't represent any of my kitties!  Maybe it is a "future" cat?  I hope not!  Besides the gem eyes, I also ran the layer through the Cuttlebug to add some texture!
I continued to use the Zooballo cartridge for my title "My Cute Critters".  Using my trusty Gypsy, I welded the letters together.

I hope you enjoyed "meeting" my sweet kitties and also liked my layout today!
I would love to have you to take a minute to leave a comment!

 Be sure to stop over at My Cricut Craftroom to see more scrapbook layouts today!
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scrapbookingforfun said...

Super cute layout Teresa!! You have inspired me to do a layout of my cute little toy poodle!
MCCR DT Shelley

angie ashuk said...

Very cute! Love the kitties:) You did a great job.

Jodie R said...

I love your kittys! They are beautiful! I love your cut out kittens as well. I have Four Legged Friends and I can't believe I have not cut out these cats. They are adorable!

Jodie R

cema1cema said...

Darling Layout!!

Heather Lynn said...

Aww..Teresa, your kitties are so cute~ the paper ones and the real ones, too! Love your sweet layout today, as always! Thanks for the inspiration! <3


Kathy said...

Oh My Word the layout is awesome!!! I love yor kitty cats, they look so sweet. Love all the kitty cut outs, very very excellent!! Hugs to you and all the fur babys!

Norma G. said...

Hi, your babies are all so cute and you did a wonderful job on the layouts! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today for the "Have an Owlsome Fall Y'All" blog hop!!

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