Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My goodness - it's been a VERY long time since I've posted.  To make a long story short - -
I had some health issues that kept repeating and finally ended up with a pretty serious surgery
at the end of October 2014.  I'm happy to report I am doing MUCH MUCH Better - but really have not been doing a lot of crafting.
I finally did a couple of projects yesterday - - it was a full day of crafting for me, actually!
I stepped out of my normal "realm" of paper crafting for my first project and made a
 FLORAL ARRANGEMENT!   WHAT???  I have not done anything like that for years and it was actually fun!  A sweet friend of mine is hosting Easter for her large family and she's had a lot going on in her life lately - so I thought she might like a flower arrangement for her table. I knew her
color scheme since I helped her do some Easter shopping - so from there I went!

First I gathered my materials:  Dry floral foam, silk flowers, wire cutters, wire, a basket.
Trim floral foam to fit your container - in my case, the basket.

Filled in the foam as best I could!
Select the flowers you wish to use, trim if in bushes.
Wire smaller pieces to floral wire.
Have an adorable cat help you!

Fill in flowers as desired til it looks good
(or in my case, you run out of flowers!)

Hope your friend loves the arrangement!  I was lucky that she says she Loves it!  Thank you Sheryl!

Then, my friend arrived at my house to make some "goodie bags" for her guests to take home after her Easter dinner. We settled on making cute tags for each of the bags -  and then made a couple of "bunnies" to sit on her dessert table!  Simple crafts, using the Cricut!  We made 30 tags - so it did take some time to hand decorate each one!

Considering I've not done much crafting in the past year or so - it was a wonderful full day of crafting and it FELT GOOD!  I hope I get my "mojo" back and continue creating!
Thanks for checking in - I've missed you all!
Have a wonderful, safe and HAPPY EASTER!  And please, SRPING-- please come and stay!


Anonymous said...

So glad your back in action !!!!!! Val tbow

edly01 said...

Way to go Teresa!!

Rebecca Daniels said...

I completely know what you mean by feeling so good being creative after a long break! Good on ya'! Love your basket of flowers!

SusieScrapper said...

So glad you're okay now and glad you're back to crafting! You certainly got your mojo back, beautiful basket of flowers and I'm sure she will love it. The gift bag and tags are darling and you have such a cute helper there! I hope you stay well my friend!! ❤️❤️

Miranda said...

It's so good to hear you are getting yourself back to normal! I love your flower arrangement, it is beautiful! The little bunny bags are super cute and of course your tags are too! It's nice to see you are getting back in the crafty swing of things. I'm looking forward to your next post! I miss you my friend! I hope you and your family have a Wonderful Easter! :)

Donna K said...

My heart is happy to see a new post from you dear friend. It has been a long time but I'm grateful that social media has allowed us to remain in touch. Your projects are just down right wonderful! Such a lovely basket and those easter bunny treats are going to be a HIT as well. Thanks for sharing this with us...welcome back!! xx

Claire said...

Great to see you back and doing better! I haven't been on my blog for a bit either. I've been busy with my little fashionista Yorkie , Peaches. The flowers look terrific and so do the cute bags. Have a wonderful Easter!
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TeresaK said...

test test test

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