Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card post 3

Hello again! If this is your first visit to see the Christmas cards please scroll down and start at the first post reguarding Christmas cards. Seems I am getting very lucky today with blogspot and it is allowing me to load photos and the post with very little trouble!
I am now showing you the light blue cardstock cards. For whatever reason, this paper gave me a hard time in wanting to cut cleanly. I do not recall what brand it was, just something I've had in my stash for a while.
Click on any photo to enlarge it to see it better.

I thought it may be interesting to try a tone on tone/ White on White card. I used the shimmer blue as a shadow for the sentiment and as the backgroud snowflake. I like the effect! I only made one of these however.

Finally, I decided to be very "different" and try a pink snowflake card! I used a lovely pinkish/rose colored paper that has the same shimmer as the dark blue card I made. I love the way it looks but wasn't sure what many other people would think so I only made a couple of these! My daughter in law and my oldest granddaughter (who is 2 1/2) LOVE pink so one of these is heading their way for Christmas!

Do you like cards/decorations that are not "traditional"? Let me know your thoughts!

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Gail S. said...

Hi Teresa~~I read all of your Christmas Card posts and the light blue card is my fav! You did a great job. I feel bad that you had so much trouble with posting. It can be so frustrating. But I enjoyed reading them all.

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